5 Amazing Ways To Kill Air Pollution This Diwali

With the celebration of the auspicious festival of Diwali comes the fear of increasing the rate of air pollution. Diwali is celebrated with a lot of festivity around the country with burning firecrackers and lighting houses with electric lamps. The festival marks the victory of truth over evil and hence people light up their houses with electric lamps. Along with this, there is a tradition of lighting firecrackers to celebrate the homecoming of Lord Rama as the traditional story says. Lord Rama returned this day after 14 years of exile after defeating Ravana in an epic battle and marked the victory of truth on evil.
But as the concerned are more clouded over air pollution, we all should put together some efforts to further save this planet on this festival. The pollution brings harmful gases indoors and affects all. Old people, people suffering from Asthma, newborn babies and children, pregnant women along with people suffering from cardiovascular diseases are at a greater risk at this point of time. Firecrackers not only boast the level for noise pollution but along with sound it also adds up to the air pollution to a great extent.
We are here to provide you with 5 ways to have noise-free, pollution-free, smoke-free and green Diwali this year:

Avoid burning crackers:

Crackers are the main reason behind the increased levels of air and noise pollution. We would suggest you to bring down the burning level in order to keep the air fresh and breathable. Air pollution is quite harmful to all the living being and it takes a lot of time to bring down the level of pollutants in the air naturally. By avoiding crackers, you can help to reduce air pollution levels.

Use Green Crackers:

If you are someone who is in love with seeing the lights and burning firecrackers, we would suggest using green crackers. These are made available by the Central Pollution Control Board. These are less harmful and don’t have a chemical that is harmful once they are burnt away. Studies have found that you can bring down the level of the emission in harmful gases by 30-35%.

Use Air purifier:

You can use an air purifier to keep your home and family healthy. For this, you can go for artificial purifiers and plants as well.

Use Diyas over electric lamps:

One way to conserve the environment is to switch over to earthen lamps and Diyas over the electric one. This is the best way to conserve electricity during this demanding season.

Clean up your place:

After the festival, over you might have seen a lot of garbage and firecrackers leftover on roadsides and streets. Clean up your surroundings and make your place a better place to live in.

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Let’s celebrate this Diwali with gifts not pollution. Happy Diwali

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