Amazing Ideas To Celebrate Diwali With Family

Diwali or Deepawali is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. Our country is home to various festivals from different cultures and traditions, but Diwali is celebrated all over the land for various reasons. As per Ramayana, lord Ram returned to his home on this day, after 14 years of exile. People celebrated his homecoming event with lighting “diyas”. This also marks the victory of truth over dark and evil reign of Ravenna, whom lord Ram defeated in the battle of Ramayana. Some people celebrate this day as the day on which lord Vishnu and Lakshmi got married. And hence it is believed that worshiping those on this auspicious day bring economic prosperity.
Since the festival is meant to celebrate with family, gifts become an inseparable part of it. We have listed few ideas which will surely make this job a little bit easier for you.

For Husband:

Choose something and personalize it with your love messages. Gifts can range from small and cute presents to quiet costly jewelry. You can go with something which is best for him or for both of you. Home decorative are also one of the best ways to celebrate the love. In a way you personalize the love this season for him to speak your heart out.

For wife:

Women have an eye for jewelry, and we are sure so does your wife. Gift her some personalized set of jewelry which will make your celebration a time to remember. You can go along with some mugs which are made for couples to celebrate the occasion. In case you are looking for something that will decorate the house then go with personalized lamps and diyas. Home decors will make your wife fall in love with you once more as we know how much women love decorating their houses.

For Family:

Along with celebration of the festival in a great manner you can make your family happier by bringing those gifts and what not. You can go along with the sweets and chocolates, which are rather traditional way. Or other way is to bring them Lucky charms such as God and Goddess miniature statues. This will surely bring a charm to their house and life.

For Friends:

If you are surrounded by friends who love to hang out for no reason, this Diwali gift them something which shows their worth in your life. Buy personalized key chains, photo lamps, mugs or photo frames. You can buy a bottle of wine and invite them over to finish it up and create some more memories together.
There are literally a thousand kinds of gifts which you can buy and bring it to anyone you love. But the old ways of bringing flowers and plants never go out of style. You might want to impress some special person, bring them a flower or you might want to say sorry, bring them a flower.
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Happy Diwali.

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