How To Beat Air Pollution This Diwali?

India becomes difficult to breath after Diwali each year. The festival brings both joy and pollution with it. There has been a tradition of lighting fire crackers on this day to celebrate home coming of lord Rama. Along with this people decorate their houses with lights and lamps to celebrate this day. We all have heard of precautions while burning fire crackers but that won’t help you out with pollution.
After Diwali each year, Diwali week becomes a red sign for breathing and high increased amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere.

Most of the mega cities remain full of fog, smoke and many harmful gases for the upcoming weeks as well. This time is high for people above 65 years of age, children, pregnant women and infants.

Although in some cities government have banned the usage of fire crackers but we should all take necessary steps to avoid this pollution on Diwali.
Before Diwali:

Improve your immunity:

Intake of lot of water will help you to take out all the toxic of the body. Avoid oily and fatty food and take food or vegetables with act as antioxidant to improve your immunity.

For Asthma patients:

Keep your inhalers in your pockets and check your refills. Don’t forget to take your medicine from the medical store before hand as the shops will be closed on the festival.

During Diwali:

Pollution Mask

In case you feel choked or on short of breath, quickly move to area where there are less fumes and start taking deep breath. In order to avoid intake of harmful gases wear wet cloth as mouth mask. Consult doctor if this persists.

Don’t Step Out

People who are suffering from some kind of respiratory disorder, try to avoid going out on the peak time. Keep your inhalers with you all the time and visit nearest health care facility in case of emergency.

Don’t Leave Kids Alone

Take care of your kids and infants. Don’t leave your child/children alone or unattended. Avoid using crackers with them. Along with saving them from harmful fumes you will be planting a habit of not using fire crackers in them.

Keep Senior Citizen On Safe Place

Avoid bringing old people to the place where you are burning crackers. Make them wear mask in case you are going out in open.
After Diwali:
We all have seen thick blankets of smoke after Diwali which remain there for days. After such a week avoid going out and exercising in open. Don’t take long walks in open. Remember to wear mask whenever stepping out from the office or house.
As we all know that diwali is one of most auspicious festival for all of us in india and there is another way to celebrate diwali and beat the air pollution by sending gifts to each other online.

Now send online flowers to ghaziabad also cake, plants and gifts to your loved ones with same day delivery and enjoy this diwali without pollution.
Happy Diwali and take care!!

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