How To Keep Love In Long Distance Relationships?

Love in itself is a very complicated emotion and sometimes literally becomes “too hot to handle”. It takes a lot of hard work in form of patience and acceptance to keep your relationship alive. Love is not the only element necessary to keep things on the go. Relationships don’t work with “me” and “you” rather the glue to this beautiful feeling is “we”.

You should be able to go along with the ups and downs of the ride together as a couple.
Well, things become more complicated when you have a long distance relationship. It is more difficult to meet your partner everyday or even sometimes every weekend. But that doesn’t mean that you run out of love for each other. We hear people saying “long distance relation doesn’t work for long” a lot.

Distance shouldn’t be a parameter to measure your love.
Love finds strength in obstacles and so will your relation. One should be humble enough to understand the basic reason for you and your partner to be in a relation. With this comes the idea of being respectful and appreciate the time that your partner put in you. Make a schedule which includes sharing your daily activities with your partner.

Try to be as connective as possible using calls and messages or emails. Share how much you value them and miss them when you do some fun activity without them. Sharing is caring; share photos, gifts, flowers, plants and last but not the least, your love for each other on a regular basis. Make room for each other which can also mean giving some space to your relation to grow.Make friends and be friends with your partners friends. This builds the bond and you get to know them better as a person.
Make sure that you never run out of “I love you”. There are number of ways in which you can show how much you love him/her even when you are not there with them. This will make them feel that you think about them throughout the day.

Send them cards or send them flowers randomly and without any reason. This is a nice and gentle gesture to show your loved one how much they mean to you. There should not be a fixed date to celebrate the pious bond that you two share. One of the best ways is to decorate their day with flowers.
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