These Powerful Air Purifier Plants Have Power To Beat The Air Pollution On This Diwali

Diwali is an auspicious festival for the entire country. People come together to celebrate and enjoy the festivity of this festival. Diwali is said to be celebrated on the occasion of homecoming of lord Rama from fourteen years of exile after defeating Ravana. This is why people celebrate it with burning fire crackers and lighting their homes with lamps in order to celebrate the victory of good on evil. This festival also marks the marriage of lord Vishnu and goddess Laxmi and people worship them on this day to pray for economic prosperity.
Celebration on Diwali generally raises the pollution level in the country due to excessive burning of fire crackers. This results in increase in the amount of harmful gases released in the atmosphere which in turn makes visibility and breathing difficult in such environment. It is more dangerous for children, people with over 65 years of age, pregnant women and infants. Burning huge amount of fire crackers bring a lot of issues to your personal spaces as well such as home and offices. The air polluted and you being insider will be consuming that pollutes air more than regular.
In order to make the air in your home and office more breathable and pure we have listed a few plants that will do the job perfectly for you.

Money plant:

Money Plant
₹ 799

We all have come across this plant in our household and might as well own them. The plant is also known as the Devil’s Ivy. The plant is known to attract positive vibration and improves the overall appearance of the house. This will help you to improve the quality of the air in your home this Diwali.

Snake Plant:

Snake Plant
₹ 499

This is commonly known as Mother-in-Law’s tongue. This plant is very easy to grow. The plant is resistant to various plant infections and that’s why it is very difficult to kill it. This plant is known to remove some of the most harmful gases from your surroundings such as oxides of nitrogen, Benzene and other oxides of carbon and sulphur.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera
₹ 499

This plant is known to hold quite a few medicinal properties. Along with its usefulness in skin care and hair care routines, the plant has marked its place in cleansing activities as well. The plant is known to remove benzene and formaldehydes from the air.

Peace lily:

Peace lily
₹ 799

It is one of the favorite plants that are grown in office indoors. Plant blooms with beautiful flowers and is easily maintained. Plant is quite good in removing harmful gasses from the air to make environ good to look and breath.

Golden cane palm:

Golden cane palm
₹ 599

It is a beautiful green plant with fanned out leaves. The beautiful green color of this plant adds special appearance to your indoors. Though the plant is easily to grow but you should consider the height to which they are capable of growing. This plant can help you with beautifying the space along with providing a healthy air to breathe in.
You can send plants to ghaziabad to your loved ones and family members on this Diwali as Diwali gift and make this festive season more eco-friendly and green. Visit us online to shop for Air Purifier Plants and choose your special plant this Diwali at Flowers N Plants.

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