This Is Why We Should Keep Plants On The Office Desk

We all as a humans show affinity to nature and show a desire to have a connection to it which is called “Biophilia” in science. But as such in our daily hectic and busy schedule we hardly have time for that.

Our workplaces are nothing more than concrete jungles which have no bonds with the green world that we all long for. We might be working for hours and won’t even realize that it has been raining until we step out of our modern cemented cabins.
Adding green color to your working environment can have many positive benefits on you and people surrounding you. And this is true for office environment or for people who work from home. We have listed a few reasons for you to get plant for your desk and your office.

Plants act as “Stress Busters” and have been known to reduce anxiety and depression in any form. Studies have found that green plants provide that green color which “relaxes and calms” the workers.

Money Plants

Plants are known to absorb the sound and other noises which might be distracting for a lot of people working in the office. The back-ground traffic or the chatter which sometimes can be irritating and distracting can be handled with these goodies.

Well its news to none that plants provide clean air for us to breath. With the increasing concern of air pollution, we all should bring our detoxifying machine for clean and healthy air.

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People who live around plants show less sickness and have a good immune system. A study has shown that working places with plants show reduced sickness level and absence rates in workers.

The reduced rates in number of absences in working population increase the productivity rate. All thanks to your little green friend.

Good Luck Air Purifying Syngonium Plant

Presence of plants makes the place look more beautiful and charming. It’s no wonder that we would prefer to look at a plant in a place with no natural light. The green color from plants makes the place more “work friendly”

We all need to be creative in our own way at our working place. Science tells that looking at nature or even at the picture of it increases our creativity. Now we know why we had that green landscape on windows background for so long.

Variegated Creeping Fig Ficus Pumila Plant

The presence of a green leafy friend makes the ambience for your work place more natural and elegant. If you are done with that artificial look for your office and work place you might be in need of some plants and that’s all.

If all the above mentioned key points were able to convince you for bringing a plant to your work desk then we are here to provide you the pant you desire. We are here with various options in plants and you can buy them online. You can also buy plant online in Ghaziabad if you happen to live there.

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